KBE 88 mm

  • Extraordinary thermal insulatory, thank to optimal witdth of the structure 88mm and thank to the possibility of using wide glass packet, even up to 54mm of the thickness
  • Significant reduction fo te energy use and CO2 emmission, thanks to the better thermal insulation factors. Uf value from 1,1 in standard version, up to 0,8W (m2k) in passive version;
  • 6-chamber technology of profiles
  • Optional possibility to use intermediate gasket
  • Modern look, perfect proportions
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Optimized profitability due to implementation of the same glass attached bar in the frame, leaf and constant column
  • Additional improvement of the thermal parameters (insulation), acoustic insulation and better antitheft protection, thanks to the deeper glass seating in the profile
  • Better statics – bigger dimensions of the windows
  • Compatibility of fittings elements with systems with a body width of 70 mm;
  • Protection of natural resources thanks to the re-use of primary material;
  • System stabilised with non-leaded zinc-lime compounds Greenline.