Flush mounted blinds RPS


Due to its encasing and installation method this type of blind is elegant and architecturally clean both from the inside as well as from the outside of the building.

Flush mounted blinds are used mainly in newly-erected facilities but also, following a required adaptation of lintel, in existing buildings. We distinguish two installation methods for blinds. The first one - on the building wall. One must remember to ensure thermal insulation of relevant thickness. The second type - directly to the earlier-prepared recess in the lintel.

We recommend that the blinds be installed before the application of thermal insulation of the building. In this way the place of installation remains completely invisible.

Our products will always offer you quality and durability, therefore, also in this case the blind box, inspection cover and side guides are made of aluminium.

Visible elements of flush mounted system of RPS blinds can be matched to the facade or window joinery appearance.